Portsmouth African Oasis Has a New Executive

The minutes were so good that it was hard to cut anything out – so folks here verbatim we go!.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting Held on 5h February 2011 at 4.00pm, Austin House, Portsmouth


1. Alfred Lakudzala (AL) – Chair

2. Cletus Moobela (CM) – Minutes

3. Michael Nsofwa (MN)

4. Abraham Magowe (AM)

5. Chewe Besa (CB)

6. Annie Kanyendo (AK)


 1. Carol Hazikyriakos (CH)

2. Zak Makama (ZM)

3. Beenzu Nicholas (BN)

Welcome Remarks

AL welcomed everyone to the first AGM of the Portsmouth African Oasis (PAO)

Matters arising from previous meeting

The AGM did not go through any matters arising from the previous meeting as it was felt that the main business of the day was to conduct elects of office bearers.

Election of office bearers

The following people were unanimously elected as office bearers for PAO as follows:

CHAIR:                      Annie Kanyendo

VICE-CHAIR:       Alfred Lakudzala

SECRETARY:        Zak Makama

TREASURER:        Cletus Moobela


It was decided that sub-committees will need to be established at the next meeting at which office bearers will need to be elected to the positions that shall be created.

Chair’s maiden address

AK thanked the members for electing her to the position of Chair. She outlined her extensive background in the voluntary and community sector, especially on matters concerning BME communities. AK stressed that she is happy to bring this vast amount of experience into the organization.

Vice-Chair’s maiden address

AL equally thanked the members for electing him to the position of Vice-chair of PAO. AL distinguished himself as a strong believer in the spirit of Africans and their strong zeal for self-reliance. He pledged to work with the team to revive the spirit of Africans in Portsmouth and afield

Treasurer’s maiden address

CM thanked the membership for entrusting him with the purse of the organization. His key message hinged on the need to work together for the common good of all Africans in Portsmouth and the communities where they live.


AK and AL both mentioned the Holocaust memorial service that they attended on 27 January 2011 on behalf of Portsmouth African Oasis. AK had an opportunity of giving a prayer and a speech on behalf of all Africans who have suffered persecution of all sorts in the past.

AL has since created a blog for Portsmouth African Oasis and members can therefore access it at:

https://africanoasis.wordpress.com    (Me comment: Smile you are on the blog)

Date of next meeting (Me: Executive meeting, init?)

Saturday 12th  February 2011 at 4.00pm, Austin House, Portsmouth


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