Welcome to Portsmouth African Oasis

Welcome to Portsmouth African Oasis (PAO) a newly launched Portsmouth based charitable organisation which promotes and celebrates African culture, identity and heritage throughout the UK, recognises role models among African communities in education, business and employment.

PAO’s mission is to celebrate success, cultural heritage while providing opportunities for contact, communication and mutual support amongst Africans as well as the promotion of understanding of African culture and history in the wider community of Portsmouth and surrounding areas. In doing this PAO will endeavour to bridge the gaps that currently exist in service provision and information access.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Portsmouth African Oasis

  1. It was great to meet with PAO members and to share constructive stories of bravery, resilience and determination during the journeys in exile. Never give up the fight and please remember that the cause you are striving for is noble. Best wishes

    • We feel extremely honoured for the opportunity you accorded us to host you at the learning and sharing information forum. It was a real privilege to share our experiences and learn from different members. We have taken home some very valuable lessons and tips that will allow us to move into the next phase of capacity building. We are really grateful for your kind support and encouragement. We are lost for words except to say thank you ever so much for everything and we look forward to linking up with you again soon possibly with opportunity to visit your playing field. Once again than you.

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